EUROJUST: 34 arrested in eBay fraud


On 06 April, the Romanian authorities conducted 101 house searches in co-ordination with the Czech police, who carried out 10 house searches. In total, 34 suspects were arrested in Romania and 10 European Arrest Warrants were issued.
The investigation started after the police received several complaints regarding non-delivery of goods bought through an eBay online auction site. The fraudsters obtained log-in credentials by using phishing scams.
The fraudsters have been active since 2006 in Western Europe and North America. Some 800 victims were identified, and the damage has been established at approximately € 800.000.
Eurojust held a co-ordination meeting in November 2009 involving Europol and the involved European and North American judicial authorities to enhance investigative measures and to define a common strategy for tackling the network.
As a result, a large operation was organised in Romania on 06 April, with the participation of hundreds of police officers, supported by Special Forces officers. The raids were conducted in collaboration with the FBI and US Embassy officers in Bucharest.
After the operation, Ms Elena Dinu, National Member for Romania at Eurojust, commented:
“This was a perfect example of efficient co-operation and co-ordination assured by Eurojust. This was a very complex case with ample trans-national connections. This type of fraud is one of Eurojust’s priorities. I would like to stress the perfect co-operation between the Romanian and Czech Desks at Eurojust and the judicial authorities of both countries, who contributed tremendously to the success of this operation.”