Eurojust Annual Report 2009


The Hague, 21 July 2010

Eurojust Annual Report 2009 available online

The Eurojust Annual Report 2009 is now available on the Eurojust website. Following a Council recommendation, the report focuses on Eurojust’s operational work in light of the EU priorities: terrorism, drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, fraud, corruption, cybercrime, money laundering, and other activities related to the presence of organised crime groups in the economy. Each priority crime area is considered from the perspective of judicial co-ordination and co-operation, and includes information on obstacles, problems, best practice, and solutions found in judicial co-operation. The new approach is designed to make the report more accessible and useful to practitioners. 18 case examples illustrate in concrete terms the added value of Eurojust.

Continuing the trend of previous years, the number of cases referred to Eurojust by Member States in 2009 continued to increase. 1 372 cases were referred, which was 15 per cent more than in 2008. Eurojust held 131 co-ordination meetings, where investigators and prosecutors met to ensure the efficient use of Member States’ resources in cross-border crime cases.

2009 also saw progress in the implementation of the new Council Decision on the strengthening of Eurojust. The Decision enables Eurojust to play a more effective role in assisting national authorities when dealing with serious cross-border crime. Eurojust also prepared to meet the new challenges of the Lisbon Treaty and the Stockholm Programme.

Council Conclusions on the Eurojust Annual Report 2009 welcome the new report format, based on improved case evaluation tools and procedures.

Versions of the Annual Report 2009 in all official languages of the EU will be published on the Eurojust website in the near future. For a downloadable copy in English or one of the other languages currently available, please consult this link: