Eurojust Press Release – 29/5/2009


The Hague, 29 May 2009

High-level delegation from Albania visits Eurojust

On 27 May, a high-level delegation from Albania, accompanied by members of the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, visited Eurojust. They were received by Ms Michèle Coninsx, Eurojust’s Vice resident, Chair of the Counter-Terrorism Team and National Member for Belgium.

The Albanian delegation was composed of Ms Ina Rama, General Prosecutor of Albania, Mr Sokol Stojani, Head of the Prosecutor General’s Investigation Office, Mr Perparim Kulluri, Prosecutor of Shkodra, and Ms Miranda Bushi, Chef de Cabinet of the General Prosecutor. The delegation from Belgium was composed of Messrs Eric Bisschop and Thomas Lamiroy, Federal Magistrates in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, and Mr André Nys, Belgian Liaison Officer in Albania.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce Eurojust to the guests and to provide them with an overview of Eurojust’s work and functions. The visit was organised by the Belgian Liaison Officer in Albania, Mr Nys, and coordinated by the Federal Magistrate, Mr Bisschop. The visit took place in the framework of the Belgian government’s action plan for reacting against travelling organised criminal gangs, in close cooperation with its privileged partners: Albania, Italy and the USA. This visit coincided with the preparation for strengthening Eurojust’s relationships with the Western Balkans.

Ms Coninsx welcomed the delegation on behalf of the Presidency of Eurojust. She gave an in-depth presentation on Eurojust, including actual casework involving Eurojust and the Member States. Ms Coninsx highlighted the importance of coordination in the fight against terrorism and all types of organised crime involving third States.

Ms Malči Gabrijelčič, Chair of the External Relations Team and National Member for Slovenia, presented current agreements and cooperation with third States, and their added value to the operational work of Eurojust.

After the visit, Ms Ina Rama thanked Eurojust and commented: “We are very grateful for this visit, which highlighted the need for cooperation and coordination in pursuing our common goals to fight against terrorism and organised crime. We have been thoroughly informed about Eurojust and we will prepare ourselves to comply with the requirements and conditions necessary to start negotiations in view of concluding a judicial cooperation agreement with Eurojust.”

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