Eurojust’s Administrative Director becomes President of a Higher Court in Germany


The Hague, 15 May 2008
Mr Ernst Merz, Administrative Director, will leave Eurojust. He has been appointed President of the Higher Court for Social Security of Rheinland-Pfalz – his homeland.

The Minister of Justice of the Federal State of Rheinland-Pfalz, Mr Heinz Georg Bamberger, has offered Mr Merz the post of President of the Higher Court for Social Security. In this new post, he will be responsible for ensuring that citizens receive effective judicial protection and fair treatment when dealing with matters of social rights, health care, pensions, etc.

Before he joined Eurojust in May 2002, Mr Merz was director of ERA, the European Law Academy in Trier, Germany.

In 1983 he started his career as a judge in a court of first instance for social security and now he is returning as the highest judge of this jurisdiction of Rheinland-Pfalz.

Mr Merz commented on his appointment:
“Leaving Eurojust will not be easy after exactly six years of working in this organisation. To have been involved with Eurojust and the European Judicial Network from the very beginning and to have been part of its development has been a great experience. I certainly will miss Eurojust very much. I know that Eurojust has many skilled and able people to build on and further develop our organisation beyond its current stage and to prepare for the future.”

At the occasion of Mr Merz’ departure, Mr Lopes da Mota, President of the College of Eurojust, commented:
“We are delighted that our Administrative Director was appointed to such a high-level post in the German Judiciary. Eurojust now has to face the difficult challenge of replacing the Administrative Director, Ernst Merz. He was Eurojust’s Administrative Director from the beginning in 2002 and he made a major contribution to the establishment of our organisation. We had an important increase in the number of cases managed, and the administrative support had to be boosted to cope with the extreme workload. It was his main achievement to set up and develop the organisational and administrative support for our core tasks at Eurojust. We thank Ernst Merz for his commitment during all these years and we wish him good luck in his new challenge.”

The College of Eurojust decided to call Mr Jacques Vos, Head of Security, Facility Management, General Services & Events, to occupy temporarily the post of Administrative Director.