HMC and ICS Greek Branch welcome Erasmus University Rotterdam Law Students in Piraeus


With the vision of contributing in making Piraeus an international maritime education hub, HMC and ICS Greek Branch co-operated with Erasmus University Rotterdam and in particular its Faculty of Law (Department of Commercial Law and Department of Labor Law), by participating in an educational trip organized by the University, entitled: «The Human Factor in Shipping».

The Hellenic Management Centre, official educational provider of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) in Greece, is committed to the provision of continuous professional development within the shipping industry. The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) is the major international provider of professional education and training in the shipping industry since 1911.

HMC and ICS Greek Branch were delighted to host a lecture on Wednesday October 12th, for the Erasmus University Rotterdam students. The lecture was delivered by Georgios Papatheodoropoulos, on Maritime Labour Law and principally on maritime employment contractual relationships. Mr. Papatheodoropoulos is an Attorney-at-Law, registered Lawyer at the Piraeus Bar Association and admitted as a Lawyer at the Court of Appeal. He has been awarded an LLB Law degree from the University of Wales, Swansea and an LLM on European Commercial Law by the University of Kent, Canterbury.

On the occasion of the International Convention on Maritime law held in Piraeus on 13-15 October 2016, the lecture given, concentrated on specific issues of Greek Maritime Labour Law, covering aspects like the importance of ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006, Collective Agreement, the seafarer’s protection in cases of illness and accidents and the potential new role of them in Autonomous Cargoships.

The lecture was a great success and set the foundation for future co-operation between these educational organizations. It proved once again that worldwide, various institutes and educational bodies have recognised the importance of co-operation in reinforcing every country’s most valuable resource: educated professionals.

Piraeus is undoubtedly gathering the attention of the shipping industry as Greek shipping, still at the top of world rankings and being the country’s most important industry, requires well trained professionals, better equipped to make a difference.

Finally, students were informed about the Annual Professional Maritime Programme offered by HMC, which prepares candidates for the ICS Professional Qualifying Examinations, leading to ICS Membership, the only professional qualification that is internationally recognised as a mark of competence for shipping professionals. 

Students realized that Chartered Shipbroker status commands respect, demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning. It also opens the doorway to an established and worldwide network within the shipping industry.