13TH International Anti-Corruption Conference – Global Transparency Fighting corruption for a sustainable future


Human security, climate change, compromised livelihoods and energy security – these are some of the critical issues of sustainability which will define our common future. To tackle the unprecedented challenges they pose to our global and local socio-ecosystems, fighting corruption must form an integral part of the solutions proposed.

Transparency and accountability serve as the prerequisites for positive and equitable change to happen. At the 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), leading practitioners and experts on sustainability, governance, and transparency will meet to discuss the role of corruption and governance in the crucial questions that will make or break a sustainable future.

Join us from 30 October to 2 November 2008 in Athens, Greece for the 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference, as we work towards solutions to ensure a sustainable future for people across the globe.

The IACC is the premier forum to engage in innovative and open debates about corruption challenges for our future. Representatives of civil society, government and business from around the world engage in spirited and frank debates to find effective solutions for tackling corruption and limit its pervasive impact on peoples’ lives, particularly on the most vulnerable.