Second International Conference of the Institute of Studies in Competition Law and Policy (IMEDIPA)


The second international conference of the Institute of Studies in Competition Law and Policy (IMEDIPA) is held on Friday September 5, and Saturday, September 6, 2008 at Bilgi University, Istanbul on the following topic:

“”Which competition policy for regulated industries?: governance and sector-specific perspectives””

The conference is organized in collaboration with University College London and Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law.

The conference will examine the intersection of competition law and regulation in a number of key network industries(such as energy, telecoms, transports, financial industry) in the context of the transition, developing or small market size economies of the Eastern Mediterranean region. The conference will delve into the economic and legal aspects of competition policy in regulated industries and it will examine current topics of practical importance for competition litigation (e.g. long-term contracts in the energy sector, margin squeeze and bundling in the telecoms sector, anticompetitive agreements and interchange fees in the financial industry sector).

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