It asserts that the social media campaign against it succeeded


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replica yves saint laurent clutch 5b. Speaking of which, a human lifetime later: You have found him. This is Spock big reveal in the Next Generation Unification, and the Vulcan soon raises the famous eyebrow to Picard accusation of Kirk era diplomacy. Portland based Cura alleges a competitor, Bloom Farms, created fake social media accounts to highlight sexual assault allegations against Cura investor and former chief executive Nitin Khanna.”(Bloom Farms) wanted to use false statements to induce retailers to stop selling Cura products, get consumers to stop buying Cura products, to divert sales of Cura’s products to themselves and to other competitors, to harm Cura’s ability to fundraise, and to reduce competition in the cannabis industry,” Cura charged in its lawsuit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court in California.The Portland Business Journal reported the suit Friday.Cura sells wholesale cannabis oil to retailers under the brand name Select Oils. It asserts that the social media campaign against it succeeded in undermining its reputation with consumers, diverting sales to Bloom and other competitors. The suit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, plus legal costs.”We are disappointed to discover that another company in our community would sink to these lows and utilize such despicable tactics to hamper competition in the industry,” Cura wrote in a statement Friday.In his own statement, Bloom Farms chief executive Michael Ray did not specifically deny playing a role in the social media posts replica yves saint laurent clutch.