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No Pool Hopping Disney hotel guests are asked to use the pool facility at their hotel and not explore pools at other Disney properties. The only exceptions to this rule are guests staying in an All Star Resort can use any All Star pool and guests at one of the Port Orleans Resorts can use any Port Orleans pool. You do not need a pass to get in; however if the pool starts to get crowded, cast members will come around and ask to see your room key to prove you are staying at that hotel..

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Due to the devestating events of the powerful 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that followed thereafter, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has lost its ability (electricity) to control the cooling system within its reactors which is subsequently causing these fires to break out and pose threat of a potential meltdown. Today Fukushima reactor no. 4 on fire is valentino replica trainers yet another reminder of the instability that is at present being watched on a global scale..

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